To get to Montevideo you can do that by plane, bus or ferry. You may check the timetable for the airport, bus schedules
The venue “La Torre de Antel” is reachable from downtown by BUS/TAXI in few minutes. Even if it is a walkable distance from downtown it is not recommended, particularly by night.

By Bus

There are plenty of lines that go to and from the venue to most of the city. For timetables and bus numbers please check either:

Buses expect payment in cash, Uruguayan pesos only, prices range are from 24 to 50 pesos depending on the type.

By Taxi

In Montevideo taxis are safe to use. The meter next to the driver should be at zero when you start your journey. When you reach your destination the number on the meter tallies with a number on the pricing card you will be shown. Next to the number is the actual cost in Uruguayan Pesos, drivers may occasionally accept dollars, argentinian pesos or reais. The pricing card should always be available for you to check prices.

Money and Safety tips

Credit cards are widely accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops. ATMs are also available and are not in the street. Even though Montevideo is quite safe for tourists, street crime like bag snatching and pick-pocketing occurs, please pay particular attention to your belongings. Try to keep away from isolated or poorly lit areas at night and avoid walking downtown or in the port area alone.

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